Troop 25 understands these difference in leadership, but requires a certain level of achievement to meet the leadership requirements for Star, Life and Eagle ranks.   If you are a "younger" scout with a leadership position not required for these ranks, it is still your responsibility to uphold the leadership requirements to aid Troop functions and will be held to the same standards as the "older" scouts. When a scout begins their tenure in a leadership position, they are handed these minimum requirements that must be fulfilled to receive credit. At the end of their tenure they have a short conference with the Scoutmaster to discussed what was done, or not done, and what was learned.  At that time the Scoutmaster can determine if leadership has been provided. Input from the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) or/and Assistant Patrol Leader (ASPL) may be requested by the Scoutmaster to make these decisions.

​As seen in the Boy Scout leadership organizational chart, all positions rely on every other position and no position should take on more, or less, than their position description (unless requested). That is why it is important to have leadership that prescribes to and practices the responsibilities that he has signed up for, or been elected, to perform.  The scout leadership positions and expectation are provided below.

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Troop Leadership

Scout Leadership

Part of being a Boy Scout is learning the skills to lead, a skill that set BSA apart from other youth organizations.  Leadership takes different forms as not all people, adults or youth, have the personality to lead large group, but maybe be a leader is a supporting role. These leaders are important, and necessary too!

​BSA's Guide to Advancement says it well:

​ "Taking and accepting responsibility is a key foundation of leadership. One cannot lead effectively without it. The requirement as writer recognizes the different personalities, talents, and skill sets in all of us. Some seem destined to be the leader of the group. Other provide quality support and strong examples behind the scenes. Without the latter, the leaders in charge have little chance for success. Thus, the work of the supporters becomes part of the overall leadership effort."